Power Dive-Air Save Goalkeeper Academy
Attend one, two or all three sessions for the best position specific training available! 

An individual session or a two or three session progression will aid in the development of every players physical, technical and mental preparation for one of the games most important and unique positions. 

PDAS Goalkeeper Academy is designed to enhance the abilities of any goalkeeper entering grade 8, high school and even collegiate programs.  Players will be grouped by age and ability levels based on enrollment.

 Each session focuses on training both boys and girls, ages 12-20, interested in becoming the very best goalkeeper possible.  



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The PDAS Goalkeeper Academy is designed
to help ALL goalkeepers refine their technique.

Our intent is to help every goalkeeper increase:

  •  range
  •  speed
  •  handling
  •  ball stopping
  •  steering capabilities
  •  decision making
  •  tactical awareness
  •  distribution

We do this by increasing each athletes flexibility,
quickness, and explosiveness
This is done in carefully planned sessions
that address the following topics:

  •  Collection of a ball
  •  High balls on goal and across the box
  •  Low Balls on goal
  •  Mid level balls on goal
  •  3 different types of Breakaways - when it is 50/50 ball, as the shooter strikes the ball, and when the forward has complete control of the ball

Each session is based on each individual goalkeepers capabilities,
but follow the same format

  •  agility ladders - with specific goalkeeper appropriate drills (These are not always the same as field players needs)
  •  plyometrics - in order to increase jumping capacity
  •  distribution
  •  skill building session
  •  live shooting to simulate game situations
  •  Keeper wars - game like scenarios to work on the skills that have been worked on in the session